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Posted on 10-18-2016

Imagine you’re sleeping in warm bed, suspended by the world’s most perfect mattress, exactly the right amount of support, adapting miraculously to your sleeping position.  And the warmth of the bed is beyond ideal. It’s like a hot tub with a thermostat you can control with your mind. Sounds like a magic bed doesn’t it? Surprise: that bed isn’t just past platform 9 ¾ at Hogwarts, it is actually the bed your mother creates for you in your first “bed-womb.”

 Do you know that feeling when you’re so content you realize you’re grinning like a dog on a fall day playing Frisbee in the park? Yeah, that’s the comfort you feel in the world’s most perfect mattress. You know those mornings when you wake up and it is raining outside and you think “I wish I could live here, in this little cocoon of my bed.  It is so much better in here. I’ve got blankies and pillows and it smells like the person I love most in the world. I can cuddle up, close my eyes, and forget all the worries outside.”

But then reality strikes, your phone buzzes, the dog barks, the alarm rings, and your perfect world crumbles around you like a dry gingerbread cookie 2 weeks after Christmas that you found in the cabinet. It can’t be time to get up yet! But the world is demanding your presence. You feel your heart rate start to rise, your blood pressure is climbing, and you suddenly realize the walls around you are closing down. While you know you need to get up and live your life, you are suddenly terrified that your perfect bubble bed-womb is collapsing. You bury down more into your covers to take shelter in your comfort zone, but it isn’t over yet. Abruptly, the wall of your bed-womb is torn down and a stranger appears. Out of focus and unfamiliar, they rip the covers off you. Their hands wrap around your head and start to pull. You feel a force from their hands pulling throughout your spine and you start to scream. The only thing familiar left in your life is the womb you have just been ripped from and you are being dragged away from it. Ripped from the womb by your head and spanked on the behind, you hear someone scream “Congratulations, mom!”

Mom. You know that word. It sounds familiar. It reminds you of that safe, comfy “bed-womb” you knew and loved so dearly.

Mom. You want to be closer, but you cannot see, smell, hear, or taste her. Now you’re terrified. The only thing you’ve ever known in your life is gone.

Creams, tubes, and needles are shoved in you before you process your new environment.

Finally, you’re handed back to mom. “Support the head, it is very fragile”, they tell her. “Look who is talking!!!”  you think to yourself. Finally, you’re back in your comfort zone, but everything has changed. As you drift off to sleep you think to yourself, “This was the most stressful day of my life!”

                                                                                                     -Dr. Paige

People often ask, “Why would a baby need to see a chiropractor?” This blog is to illustrate the different physical, chemical, and emotional stresses placed on the baby during the birth process. All these stressors can be detrimental to the baby’s spine and can hinder their life potential if left untreated by a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic.

To find a qualified Chiropractor in your area and ensure the full potential of your baby’s health is expressed, http://icpa4kids.org/Find-a-Chiropractor/

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Dr. Paige has been an amazing chiropractor myself and so many families! I once watched her adjust a child and was blown away by the results. Before the adjustment the little boy had so much pinned up energy and kept making angry faces and fists. After the adjustment the same little boy was laughing and playing and giving everyone "knuckles!" Chiropractic care is truly amazing and Dr. Paige knows exactly how to care for people of all ages. I'll definitely keep coming back!

Kristi T.
Mount Holly, NC

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