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Chiropractic care for the "Little Spine" is vital for optimum function of the child. Most subluxations (spinal misalignments that interfere with the nervous system) happen the moment we are born and go undetected for years. Getting the child's spine checked for these misalignments can be the difference in health and imbalances in the body as your child grows. Pediatric chiropractic is approached much differently than adjustments for the adult spine and are catered to the specific child's needs. The average amount of pressure used when adjusting a newborn spine is the same amount of pressure used to indent a ripe tomato! Chiropractors are offered specialized training for pediatric chiropractic through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Paige has been utilizing this specialized training since she was still a chiropractic student and has experience with newborns only 1 hour old! Allowing children to express their optimum health and live life without interference to their nervous system is something Dr. Paige is passionately confident with, if you know a child that has not been checked for a subluxation (spinal misalignment) since birth, please recommend they get checked ASAP!

Symptoms of subluxations (spinal misalignments) in the newborn include but are not limited to: ear infections, colic, constipation, frequent colds, trouble feeding (especially on one side in particular), and even reflux! The only way to know without a doubt that your child's spine is not interfering with the development of the nervous system is to get then analyzed by a pediatric chiropractor near you. Please call 704.601.5560 to either schedule your child's appointment with Dr. Paige, or to have her help find a qualified chiropractor near you.

Resources: http://www.icpa4kids.org

THIS ---->https://carolinafamilyspinecentercom.chiromatrixbase.com/pediatric-chiropractic.html

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Dr. Paige has been an amazing chiropractor myself and so many families! I once watched her adjust a child and was blown away by the results. Before the adjustment the little boy had so much pinned up energy and kept making angry faces and fists. After the adjustment the same little boy was laughing and playing and giving everyone "knuckles!" Chiropractic care is truly amazing and Dr. Paige knows exactly how to care for people of all ages. I'll definitely keep coming back!

Kristi T.
Mount Holly, NC

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